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Community Management System (CMS) The industry's most comprehensive, most intuitive community management system on the market today. Hundreds of communities across the United States can attest to the effectiveness of both the Community Management System by ABDI, as well as the Corporate support that they receive 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. CMS increases the effectiveness of gatehouse personnel, roving security officers and lobby security by introducing new interfaces, increased speed and a special edition for high-rise apartments and luxury condominiums. The backbone of this community asset is a combination of Microsoft Windows Server 2016/Windows 10 Professional®, Dell® Computers, and Microsoft SQL Server®. Communities across the country are increasing access control effectiveness by combining new techniques, updated gatehouse post orders, and the increased capabilities of the Community Management System. Each community has unique demands. Only ABDI can meet those demands, and exceed your expectations. CMS was designed to meet and exceed the needs of security officers stationed in gated communities, as well as busy community managers.
  • CALL AUTHORIZATION SYSTEM - ABDI’s Call Authorization (Voicemail) System allows residents to leave a voicemails authorizing their guests or contractors directly into the access control system. In communities without an automated system, residents have to call the gatehouse staff to let them know they were expecting a guest or contractor. The task of fielding these phone calls pulls them away from processing visitors into the community. Eliminating this mundane task allows your gatehouse staff to focus on their primary responsibility - ensuring the safety and well being of your community.  The Call Authorization (Voicemail) System is one of our most popular add-on features. Its popularity stems from the fact that it benefits your residents, gatehouse staff, management and guests alike.
  • SCANFAST ID - ABDI’s ScanFast ID system greatly simplifies the guest authorization process while increasing the level of security for the community. The system provides documented evidence a person was admitted into the property, thus increasing their feeling of accountability. The security officer simply places the credential presented by potential guest on the scanner. ScanFast ID detects the type of credential being used, extracts the information (ID number, address, city, state, zip code, expiration date, etc.) and permanently records the information along with an image of the credential into the guest entry log. Security personnel can then retrieve the information and ID image as needed for comparison upon subsequent guest entries. 
  • CUSTOM ID SYSTEMS - ABDiDentification is a highly customizable, full featured Photo-ID system designed to meet the needs of gated communities, condominiums and country clubs. The Photo-ID system may be fully integrated with ABDI’s access control system software or it can function as a stand-alone system. Ease of use combined with powerful graphic and database capabilities make ABDI’s Photo ID System the undisputed leader in high quality membership cards.  
  • VIDEO CAPTURE INTERFACE - Besides the presence of security personnel, the use of video surveillance cameras is the most effective tool a community can use to increase the level of perceived security. ABDI’s Video Capture Interface seamlessly integrates the community’s camera system with our CMS or SAS software. Digital pictures of guests entering the property are automatically attached to each entry log record, thereby putting a face with the name.  
  • CUSTOMIZATIONS - ABDI understands that each community is unique. A cookie cutter solution might work for some (or even most), but not for all. In recognition of this fact, ABDI will customize our software to suit your community’s special needs.

iCMS app on the Apple iPad/iPhone The revolutionary ABDi iCMS app combines the latest smart-device technology with ABDi’s professional experience and programming creativity. It was developed exclusively by Applications by Design to assist gatehouse staff to more effectively handle busy visitor lanes. iCMS by ABDi allows your gatehouse personnel to handle busy visitor entrances by giving them the ultimate mobile tool. Pressured contractors and impatient visitors can be processed directly at their respective vehicles as far as 300 feet from the gatehouse itself; using the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch WiFi capability. It allows the gatehouse officer to use the device's on-board camera to document a photograph of the visitor along with the details of the vehicle he/she is driving.iCMS functions include multiple search criteria to display resident guest lists, speed-dial functionality (iPhone cellular activation is necessary), and even visitor pass capability (with the purchase of an optional mobile thermal printer). iCMS functions with ABDI’s Call Authorization, Video Capture and Gate Control optional modules.


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